Logging into your new instance “in the cloud” (Mac version)

First, download a security key, in a .pem file, from:

Save it to your Desktop (or download it and then move it to your desktop).

Next, start Terminal (in Applications... Utilities...) and type:

chmod og-rwx ~/Desktop/uw-bootcamp.pem

to set the permissions on the private key file to “closed to all evildoers”.

Then type:

ssh -i ~/Desktop/uw-bootcamp.pem root@ec2-???-???-???-???.compute-1.amazonaws.com

Here, you’re logging in as user ‘root’ to the machine ‘ec2-174-129-122-189.compute-1.amazonaws.com’ using the authentication key located in ‘uw-bootcamp.pem’ on your Desktop.

Note, you have to replace the stuff after the ‘@’ sign with the name of the host; see the red circle in:


At the end you should see text and a prompt that look like this:


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